Changing Society Begins With Our Personal Responsibility

Imagine a community without character:

  • Adults and children without integrity or self-control
  • Families and co-workers without respect for each other
  • Rampant disobedience throughout the community

What would happen in such a community?

  • The absence of moral consensus would create an environment of anarchy
  • Wanton destruction would bring life-threatening danger and petrifying fear to its children and adults
  • The government would impose severe control to prevent further chaos and collapse

Observers note that moral consensus and governmental control have an inverse relationship: The lower the moral consensus in a segment of society, the higher their need for governmental control. Likewise, the higher the moral consensus in a segment of society, the lower their need for governmental control. Character is the fiber of moral consensus.

Character is also the basis for healthy relationships. If communities are based on relationships and if relationships are based on character, then good character helps build strong communities. It is the firm foundation underneath any social structure such as family, school, government, or business.