Ten Essential Character Values

Personal Responsibility – Being accountable for my motives, attitudes, and actions

  • Integrity –Showing that I can be trusted to do what is right and say what is true
  • Conviction – Holding a value or belief so firmly that it influences my attitudes or actions
  • Self-Discipline – Focusing on worthy goals instead of distractions
  • Diligence – Willingly completing the tasks I have accepted
  • Wisdom – Behaving in ways that show I understand the consequences of my decisions  

Interpersonal Respect – Treating others as I want to be treated

  • Loyalty – Faithfully obeying my authorities and committing to significant relationships
  • Courage – Conquering fear in order to assist others
  • Humility – Honoring others by drawing attention to them instead of myself
  • Kindness – Selflessly caring about and helping others
  • Thankfulness – Sincerely showing others my gratitude for their effect on my life