Cultivating Character Seminars

Character Education

CSI seminars challenge participants to consider developing ten core character qualities personally and among the children they influence. Five character qualities pertain to Personal Responsibility and another five pertain to Interpersonal Respect. (See the Ten Character Qualities.)

Seminars are customized to fit participants in terms of their context of responsibility and predominant level of experience.

Seminar Outline

The Character Solutions International seminar “Teaching Character in the Classroom” covers the following topics:

  • What is Character?
  • Why Have Character Education?
  • What are the Ten Essential Character Qualities?
  • How Can We Teach Character Effectively?
  • How Can We Reinforce Character Development?
  • How Can We Begin a Solid Character Education Program?
  • How Can We Develop a Solid Character Education Program?

What to Expect

Participants will understand:

  • The significance and benefits of character growth to teachers, schools, and communities.
  • The significance and benefits of character growth to students.
  • How to build character without adding a separate course of study.

Participants will discover how to:

  • Use character to commend student behavior.
  • Use character to correct student behavior.
  • Maximize benefits of CSI Teacher’s Guides.

Participants will depart with more than four weeks of character-building lesson plans and ideas.

Who Should Attend

The CSI Seminar has been presented to:

  • Ministry of Education Officials, Directors of Continuing Education, School Headmasters (School Principals), Educational Administrators, Classroom Educators, Community Leaders.

The program is most effective when the presiding official of the school or organization attends personally and also facilitates the participation of colleagues.

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