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Character Solutions® International (CSI) exists to strengthen personal responsibility and interpersonal respect among children and the adults who influence them.


Communities of people distinguished by their commitment to personal responsibility and interpersonal respect.


Character Solutions® International promotes and provides character development for educators and other community leaders worldwide. CSI focuses on enabling them to integrate character growth into each child’s development of skills and knowledge.

“Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” — Martin Luther King Jr.(1929-68) Political Activist

Recent News
Character Solutions enables healing in communities worldwide
Character Solutions International adds value into all types of professional, charitable, and educational services.

Albania, March 2015: an organization has taken on the translation of our character curriculum into Allbanian as a project. We are grateful for their skilled expertise and effort.

El Salvador, October 2014: Presented an 8-hour character seminar to 145 teachers and mothers at the British Academy

Mumbai, India, August 5-6, 2014: Cultivating Character training for the staff of World Vision India at in Mumbai.

Amman, Jordan, July 2014: Two week course taught to students, "Character in Leadership and the Family."

Jakarta, Indonesia, March and November 2013: Character training workshops provided to 200 educators, business professionals, and youth leaders.

Chennia, India, February 2013: Meeting with World Vision India to collaborate and cultivate character as a social investment in India's youth population.

Liberia, December 2012: 80 community leaders from the Ministry of Youth and Sports received character training

186 Liberian high school student-leaders received an all-day seminar workshop how to build and cultivate character.

South Sudan, November 2012: Meeting with Jonglei's Minister of Education, Deputy Governor, and the Police Commissioner. We're enthusiastic to be part of this peace process by cultivating character.

India, February 2012: World Vision India to integrate our cultivating character program into their services to youth—effectively touching over four million more children and youth across India.

Grenada, March 29-31, 2011. "The Ministry of Education has been applauded for developing an "excellent" Social and Life Skills curriculum. Selected primary teachers and guidance counselors participating in the pilot of the Social and Life Skills curriculum were involved in the workshop with Dr. Garmo and his wife Janice.

"The workshop, under the theme "Cultivating Character", is significant to the successful inclusion of social and life skills programme in the refocused national curriculum." Read

India, April 25, 2011: 97 community leaders at North Karnataka trained to demonstrate character while working with women and children.

India, January 19, 2011: 142 school principals were trained to implement character development at their schools in the state of Karnataka. They influence 42,500 students.

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